AlphaBlock Network


Project: Cerberus' and AlphaBlocks' Tokenomics


AlphaBlock Holders gain access to exclusive areas of the AB ecosystem, including beneficial fee structures on our partner CEXs, trading bots, copy-trading strategies, and presales/WLs. These rewards are designed to incentivise active contributions in our ecosystem.
Supply: 3333
Price: Three Candymachines, split into three currencies, with a supply of 1111 each:
ETA: LIVE, Candymachines timer runs out June 29, 2023 – unminted AlphaBlocks will be burned.


Offers the highest level of mentoring and access to DeFi plays, market research, and 1/1 portfolio adjustments by Fortune, Bae, and Umbas.
The first 17 Members that accumulate 69 AlphaBlocks will get 1x Project: Cerberus airdrop; the remaining 100 will be stealth-minted and listed on Opensea.
The 17 airdropped Cerberus will honour our earliest and most loyal supporters with legendary “Prime” attributes.
Supply: 117
Price: 0.33 ETH
ETA: stealth-mint, Q2 '2023