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The Lore

The ancient scrolls tell us that the Cerberus were once a mighty army of warriors, powerful beyond human comprehension. They were tasked with protecting the Ether and the AlphaBlocks from destruction.
The Cerberus were the most powerful creatures to ever exist in the realm of Ether, and they were blessed with magical powers and abilities that were unlike anything that had ever been seen before. They could manipulate the Ether with their minds, control the elements, and even summon the forces of nature to their will.
The 117 Cerberus were divided into three distinct groups, each with duties and responsibilities. The first group was tasked with protecting the AlphaBlocks from destruction and chaos, the second was responsible for keeping the Ether in balance, and the third, the Primes, are the most prestigious group, assigned to the holy legion set of the Cerberus to advise and lead.

The Primes were the most powerful of the Cerberus and were entrusted with the fate of the Ether and the AlphaBlocks.

The Cerberus were an ancient and mysterious force, and their power and influence spread throughout the Ether and beyond. They were revered and feared, and their presence was felt throughout the Ether.
The Cerberus are still around today, though their influence has waned. However, they remain a powerful force, and those who possess their NFTs can tap into their power and use it to further their goals. The power of the Cerberus is still strong, and those who hold their NFTs will be able to unlock the secrets of the Ether and the AlphaBlocks for generations to come.
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