AlphaBlock Network

Open-Source Indicator Suite

Some details about our ad-hoc & in-house tools
AlphaBlock Network is proud to introduce our Trading Indicator Suite, a powerful set of tools designed to provide an edge in your trading system. Our indicators are carefully crafted by our Co-Founders, Umbas and Fortune, who deeply understand complex mathematics and how to apply them in the markets. All indicators are and will remain open-source and free for all to use.

Our suite includes the following indicators:

  • ABROC: A custom Rate of Change indicator, adding eight moving averages, Dynamic Zones, and coloured candles. These features were added to improve trend identification and simplify identifying overbought and oversold regions.
  • AB TrendRider: A powerful trend identification tool that combines Moving Averages, Volume, and RSI to identify the direction and strength of the current trend. It also provides alerts for potential trend changes and displays trend strength on a scale from 1 to 10.
  • AB EMA Ribbon: A simple but effective custom EMA Ribbon ;)
  • AB MAB Cloud: This indicator uses multiple EMAs to create a cloud around the current price action that adjusts to market volatility. It consists of 6 bands, with the inner bands representing stronger support and resistance levels.
  • ABDSM: Our divergence solution includes a unified metric to measure divergence, an easy-to-interpret labelling system, and customizable options for pivot lengths, divergence types, and weights. It's suitable for any chart and can be used with default settings.
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